Τhe Best Mini Fridge for Kegerator (2022 Reviews)

If you are a regular beer consumer, you know that there is nothing better than discovering a new craft beer. Homebrewed craft beer is the drink of choice for many people. The alcoholic beverage is on the rise and swiftly growing in popularity.

This leads many to wonder how they can serve the drink in their own home. For a regular party host, this is a daunting question. Homebrewed or craft beer typically does not come bottled or canned. The most common container used for these exquisite brews are kegs. 

So, how exactly can you serve your guests the ice-cold drinks that they really want? 

Why Use a Mini Fridge for Kegerator

This is where the best minifridge for kegerator comes into play. This appliance allows you to serve exquisite craft beers at a cool temperature. This is ideal for many party hosts. 

A mini-fridge for a kegerator could also be useful if you are the proud owner of a small bar or pub. This appliance will allow you to serve the customers high-quality beer at a cool temperature. 

Any establishment that sells homebrew or craft beer is likely to be popular. Beer connoisseurs love to try new brews. There are festivals specifically thrown to allow people to try new alcoholic beverages. 

Using a mini-fridge for a kegerator allows you to conveniently distribute or consume ice-cold drinks. But, not just any drink, delicious and unique beer.


The Best Mini Fridges for Kegerator – 2021 Reviews

After hours of research and consideration, we managed to narrow the search for the best mini fridges for kegerator down to the top nine. These nine best mini fridges for kegerator are top-of-the-line options that are sure to suit your needs.

Whether you own an establishment or are looking for an appliance to add to your bar at home, these appliances will take care of all of your needs. Let’s examine these top nine products before narrowing the search ever farther. We will determine the best of the best when it comes to choosing your kegerator.


1. Kegco HBK209S

Kegco HBK209S-3 Keg Dispenser

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The Kegco HBK209S is the ultimate kegerator. This appliance features three faucets. This allows you to have up to three kegs on tap. There are two other options as well. The first is a single faucet option, and the second is a double faucet option. Each option is also available in two designs, black or stainless steel/


This appliance includes everything you need to serve beverages on tap. The only thing missing is the keg itself. The appliance works perfectly and is convertible too. The appliance easily converts to allow for easy storage. When the faucets are not in use, the mini fridge can be used to keep other beverages icy cold.


The design is stylish and durable. The appliance features a stainless steel plate on the bottom to ensure that the appliance is tough enough to hold large amounts of fluid. The chrome plating offers a sleek and shiny exterior. 


The Kegco HBD209S also features four casting wheels to allow easy maneuverability. The appliance boasts energy-efficient cooling technology and utilizes UL recognized components.



  • The appliance is available with one, two, or three faucets.
  • The product includes all of the necessities.
  • The components are UL recognized.
  • The appliance allows easy conversion for storage.
  • The stainless steel plate improves the appliance’s durability.
  • The kegerator utilizes energy-efficient cooling technology.
  • Four casting wheels promote maneuverability.
  • The product is available in black or stainless steel.
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  • The fridge is somewhat small considering it should hold three kegs.


2. EdgeStar KC2000

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

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The EdgeStar KCds2000 is a full-size kegerator featuring a single tap. The appliance is available in two different colors, stainless steel, or black. This kegerator is attractive and conveniently sized for placement.


The use of four-wheel castors allows for easy maneuverability. The appliance is able to move easily under the pressure of a single person. This allows you to easily transport the appliance and clean behind it.


The appliance runs at temperatures between thirty and forty degrees Fahrenheit. The kegerator can support the use of both a quarter and a half kegs. It can not be used for branded kegs or other overly large containers. 


The product includes a five-pound CO2 tank and a dripping tray. This tray is ideal for preventing liquid spills and reducing the risks of injury. The product also includes a ninety-day warranty on labor and a one-year warranty on parts.



  • The product includes a warranty.
  • This kegerator includes a CO2 tank and a dripping tray.
  • The EdgeStar KC2000 is available in black and stainless steel.
  • The wheel casters allow the appliance to be easily moved.


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  • The product does not feature an adjustable temperature gauge.
  • The appliance is not large enough to handle full-size kegs.


3. Kegerator Beer Dispenser

Kegerator Beer Dispenser with 2 Tap Towers, Atosa Commercial Keg Cooler Refrigerator, MKC58

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This Kegerator Beer Dispenser is a commercial keg cooler and refrigerator. The appliance features two double tap towers, allowing you to efficiently serve multiple people at once.


The appliance features a beautiful stainless steel finish and epoxy coated shelves. This kegerator is top-of-the-line. The product is ideal for the frequent party host or owner of a bar or a pub-style restaurant.


This beer dispenser features a digital temperature gauge. This allows you to easily ensure that your beer on tap is being served ice cold. The appliance also utilizes a heavy-duty Embraco compressor.


It is an environmentally friendly appliance due to its use of R290 refrigerant. The appliance also features magnetic door gaskets and safety door locks. These two features ensure that the cold stays in and allow you to conserve energy.


This heavy-duty kegerator features wheel castors. This allows you to more easily move this large appliance. This particular feature is extremely useful during renovations and deep cleanings.



  • The wheel casters allow the appliances to be moved more easily.
  • The use of R290 refrigerant allows the appliance to be environmentally friendly.
  • The dispenser features a digital temperature gauge.
  • The safety door locks and magnetic door gaskets allow you to conserve energy.
  • The two double faucets increase the efficiency of service.
  • The beautiful stainless steel finish is appealing to the eye.


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  • This appliance is expensive and mostly recommended for establishments.


4. Coldbreak 2TSBE

COLDBREAK 2TSBE Jockey Box, 2 Taps, Bartender Edition, 54 quart Cooler, 50' Coils, Steel Shanks, Includes Stainless Faucets, Silver

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The Coldbreak 2TSBE is quite a bit different from the other kegerators on this list. This product is considered a jockey box. The stainless steel appliance is similar to a cooler, but also very different.


Though the appearance is that of a metal cooler, the appliance works like a kegerator. The appliance features two taps. This allows you to offer two beverages on tap at once. 


This fifty-four-quart cooler offers fifty-inch coils and steel shanks. The product is extremely durable thanks to its high-quality materials. 


The product offers a comfortable grip on its handles and a drain for easy cleaning.



  • The product is much more affordable than the average kegerator.
  • The cooler offers two taps to allow the service of two different cold beverages.
  • The cooler is fifty-four quarts. This is quite large.
  • The product is composed of high-quality materials.


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  • It is not a kegerator.
  • The product can be heavy and difficult to move.


5. Kegco XCK

Kegco XCK-1B Kegerator

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This minifridge for kegerator is available in black or stainless steel. The kegco XCK is also available with one, two, three, or even four spouts. This allows for quick and easy service of beverage.


This a commercial-grade product. This means that the kegerator is ideal for restaurants, bars, and pubs. The powerful compressor allows for ultimate cooling abilities. The kegerator features steel walls to ensure that the interior remains cold and continually serves cool beverages to guests.


The appliance includes a manual dial that allows you to easily set a specific temperature. The appliance is also extremely durable. The diamond-shaped late floor allows for the punishing interchanges of multiple kegs. 


The interior is massive. This kegerator is so big that it can easily hold a full-size keg. The Kegco XCK can also hold up to four, five-gallon kegs with the addition of an exterior CO2 tank. 


The appliances’ four castor wheels allow the kegerator to be easily moved. The appliance also features magnetic gaskets for the self-closing door. This maintains the storage of cool air and consistently keeps beverages cool.



  • The magnetic gaskets and self-closing door enhance the appliances cooling abilities.
  • The appliances’ massive size allows for optimal storage of kegs.
  • The manual dial allows the temperature to be set easily.
  • The appliance is super durable due to its high-quality design and materials.
  • It is a commercial-grade product capable of withstanding against frequent use.
  • The steel walls encourage an icy interior and cool beverages served.


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  • This kegerator does not come with a dispense kit.


6. Costway Full-Size Kegerator

COSTWAY Full Size Kegerator, 6.1 CU. FT Single-Tap Keg Beer Cooler Refrigerator Draft Beer Dispenser R600a Compressor Cooling CO2 Regulator Casters

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The Costway Full-Size Kegerator features six-point-one cubic feet for storage. The product is situated on four high-quality castors. These castors allow the appliance to be easily moved from one space to another. They also permit easy cleaning behind and underneath the appliance.


The appliance can easily hold a half-keg. It can also be converted fairly quickly into a cool storage area. This allows you to keep beverages cool when the tap is not in use. 


The owner’s manual contains more information, but the appliance can be set for high, medium, and low temperature. The medium setting is recommended for beer. The temperature gauge allows you to easily switch between these three settings. 


The appliance is incredibly easy to clean. The kegerator includes a drip tray to collect spills and reduce messes. The tray can be easily detached, emptied, and rinsed out after use.


The Costway kegerator is eco-friendly. This is due to the appliances’ ability to conserve energy and stay cool with less energy input. The product includes everything you need to serve delicious, cool beer on tap.



  • The product comes with everything necessary to serve beverages on tap.
  • The appliance is easy to clean, due to the inclusion of a drip tray.
  • The kegerator features three different temperature settings.
  • The large interior can hold up to a half-keg.
  • The product can easily be converted for cool beverage storage.
  • Four-wheel castors allow the appliance to be easily moved.


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  • The product lacks options. It is only available in stainless steel and offers only one spout.
  • The appliance is only large enough to hold a half-keg, would not tolerate commercial use.


7. Frigidaire EFRB200

Frigidaire EFRB200 6.1 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Kegerator Beer Bar

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The Frigidaire EFRB200 is manufactured by a well-known appliance brand. The brand is known to be very reliable and offers years of manufacturing experience in terms of cooling appliances.


The stainless steel exterior provides the appliance with some durability. The appliance features a single tap with a drip tray. This Frigidaire appliance will complement most other appliances very well.


The kegerator features a temperature control knob that allows you to ensure that your drinks remain cool throughout the night. This appliance also features four castor wheels to allow you to easily move and maneuver the appliance from space to space.




  • The appliance features a sleek and universal stainless steel finish.
  • The kegerator includes a drip tray to prevent messes.
  • The brand is credible and has a history of producing cooling appliances.
  • The temperature control knob allows you to easily adjust the appliances’ temperature control settings.
  • The four castor wheels allow the appliance to be easily moved.


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  • The six-point-one cubic foot interior can only hold up to a half keg.
  • The product lacks options in color and the number of spouts.


8. Danby DKCO54A1BSL2DB

Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB Dual Tap Keg Cooler, Steel

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The Danby Kegerator offers an option between a single and dual tap. The stainless steel exterior is attractively designed and offers a sleek appearance. The color is universal and works well with most decor.


The product appears to be stainless steel but is actually spot-free steel. This allows the appearance to seem cleaner and reduces smudging on the door of the appliance. 


This kegerator is easy to clean. The appliance features a defrost setting to allow any ice formed inside of the appliance to easily melt and allow you to wipe the interior surfaces. 


This product includes all of the necessary equipment to serve beer on tap. The appliance also includes optional swivel castors. These swivel casters allow the appliance to be moved relatively easily.



  • The swivel wheel casters allow the appliance to be moved easily.
  • The kegerator comes in single or dual tap options.
  • The spotless steel exterior allows for a cleaner surface.
  • A defrost setting and temperature gauge allows for convenient use.
  • The product is attractively designed.


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  • The five-point-four interior storage capacity is small in comparison to the other kegerators listed.


9. Peak Cold 2 Door Beer Dispenser

PEAK COLD 2 Door Commercial Beer Dispenser - Double Tap Keg Cooler - Kegerator; 48" W

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This two-door, two-tap commercial kegerator and beer dispenser offer an attractive navy blue finish. The appearance of this kegerator is appealing and useful. The beer dispenser is large and offers an insane amount of storage capabilities.


The product is both ETL and NSF certified. The appliance is environmentally friendly due to the use of R290 refrigerant. This commercial grade beer dispenser is energy efficient.


The product includes a spill drain and offers a warranty. There is a one-year warranty on 

maintenance and a five-year warranty on parts.



  • The product includes a warranty.
  • The appliance is ETL and NSF certified.
  • The product is environmentally friendly.
  • The navy blue appearance is very attractive.
  • The kegerator offers an insane amount of storage.


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  • The price is pretty steep.

The Buying Guide: Things to Consider

There are a few considerations you must examine before selecting a mini-fridge for kegerator use. Considering these four criteria will assist you in selecting the best mini fridge for kegerator that meets your unique needs.

These criteria relate to the product’s ease of use, temperature settings, energy efficiency, and certifications, and approvals. These four factors work together to determine which mini fridge for kegerator is the best.


Ease of Use

The appliance should be easy to use. This means that the doors should be easy to open and close. It is also important to ensure that the door opens all of the ways. This will be necessary in order to replace an empty keg with a new one.

The best mini fridge for kegerator would preferably be on wheels. This allows the appliance to move more easily and with less effort. This will be beneficial when cleaning behind the appliance, placing the appliance where you’d like it, and possibly moving it in the future.



A nice mini fridge will include a dial. This dial should adjust the temperature as needed. This is important for a mini-fridge for kegerator too. Whether you are purchasing a kegerator or converting a mini fridge into a kegerator, it will be important that you can adjust the temperature.

A good rule of thumb is that a lower temperature will cool larger amounts of fluid more quickly, If you are searching for a kegerator capable of having two or three premium brews on tap, then an adjustable temperature gauge is a necessity.


Energy Efficiency

We live in an age where we care about the environment and our carbon footprint. This means that we require our appliances to be energy efficient. It is your obligation to assess the energy efficiency of every appliance you purchase.

Mini fridges for kegerators are no different. Take the time to look into the appliances’ energy efficiency. There are countless resources available to you. These resources will allow you to thoroughly understand the appliances energy efficiency rating and the effects that has on the environment.


Certifications and Approvals

Depending on the product you are buying, there is always some kind of certification or approval on the label. Mini fridges and kegerators are the same way. Check out the packaging for any certifications or approvals the appliance has earned.

Typically, a product with multiple certifications or approvals will be a higher quality product. This is the same for appliances, including kegerators.


The Best Mini Fridge for Kegerator

Kegerator Beer Dispenser with 2 Tap Towers, Atosa Commercial Keg Cooler Refrigerator, MKC58

The Kegerator Beer Dispenser takes the cake for the best mini fridge for kegerator. The products’ abundance of features can not be compared to most other kegerators. The product is also environmentally friendly.


This mini-fridge for kegerator meets all of the qualifications on the list while offering an optimal amount of storage space. The product is ideal for commercial use and allows you to serve multiple beverages at once.



The most important thing to consider is whether the appliance meets all of your specific needs. We did the legwork and managed to find the top nine mini-fridges for kegerators. It is up to you to determine which of these products is the best for you.


We understand that the price is a contributing factor. That’s why we only considered options that featured a reasonable price considering their qualities and factors. These top nine mini-fridges for kegerators meet the four criteria listed on our buying guide. We wish you the best of luck in finding the best appliance for your restaurant.

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