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Meet Markella Williams

WellFed Founder

Have you ever felt confused about what the heck you are supposed to eat? Assuming you say yes, as most people do, you’ve come to the right place!


Thank you for visiting Well Fed! 




I started this site to have a place to answer frequently asked nutrition questions that I received from friends, family and clients. I really enjoy simplifying complicated nutrition messages so they are easy to understand and inspiring people to live healthfully one decision at a time. 


I believe healthy eating is a journey that allows you jump on the band wagon anywhere that fits you and ride in any direction you want to go. What I mean is, you don’t just wake up one day and know exactly how to eat the right quantity of food, how to include whole, local or organic foods, or maybe even how to prepare healthy foods. It’s a process and that’s ok. I believe you should take your time with healthy living and adjust to each new change as it comes. 


My favorite place to be is in the kitchen, cooking, writing, or dreaming. If cooking is not your thing, I hope some of my time in the kitchen will make it easier for you to prepare something tasty at some point. 


One of my other favorite places to be is at any farmer’s market or local restaurant. Local food inspires me and that hopefully shines through in my writing. 


I am a wife to a head high school football coach, mother to two boys (ages 2 and 7 months), and I work in the private sector. All these things keep my life rather exciting (especially in the fall) and I love it. Adding motherhood to my list of job descriptions  has caused me to grow in ways I never knew were coming.


I look forward to learning and growing, right along with you, and sharing those lessons with you.



Meet Well Fed Staff

Constantine Flamboire


Constantine, as you can imagine, loves French cuisine. When he is not consuming croissants, Constantine is responsible for researching every single product so we can offer you these great guides. Constantine filters out the most obvious ones (dangerous, unhealthy, bad reviews, etc).

Lisa A. McPeak

Lisa goes through the initial selection of products. She reads every tiny bit of information there is about them online. Only the best of them will make it to our lists. That’s why our lists aren’t a set number. We can put 3 or 13 products. Rest assured that these are worthy of being there.

Kate Markovic

Kate is the girl you should thank for what you read. She is responsible to put all the information into an easy to read guide for all of you. She combines data and personal experiences from real users to produce the most objective guides possible.