Best Electric Knife Reviews for 2022

Trying to slice veggies with a dull knife is like trying to ride a bike with a flat tire – you will get there, but the whole process is unnecessarily long and challenging, not to mention dangerous. Sadly, not everyone can afford a set of knives worthy of a Top Chef.

So, you stay true to the blades you got as a gift several years ago. The sad part is that they have practically turned into butter knives at this point. But, are they worth sticking around? Heck to the no! Not when there is a bunch of high-tech electric knives out there.

To help you unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay and finally get rid of all your sharpless blades, we’ve gathered around the 5 best electric knives on the market plus an awful lot of info you’ll need to make the most out of them. So, let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Best Electric Knife Reviews for 2021

Finally, you are ready to put those regular blades aside and give the electric version a shot! What’s more, you feel confident enough to start chopping, slicing and dicing with market’s top picks. But, where do you start? Here are the top 5 electric knives to choose from plus everything that a manual won’t tell you (both good and bad).

1. Electric Knife CEK-40 by Cuisinart

Electric Knife CEK-40 by Cuisinart

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Touted as the best electric knife on the market today, this model is hard to ignore. Made of high-quality materials and equipped with a wood block tray for easy storage, this electric knife screams convenience and adds the modern design as a bonus. So, if you think your cooking skills and kitchen ambiance would benefit from this device, here’s what you need to know.

  • Easy Storage

Unlike most, this model comes with a wood butcher block tray. That means that you can easily store the knife's main body and blades when you're not using it. Plus, this wood-like design looks super cool on practically every countertop.

  • High-Quality Blade Material

The blades are made of stainless steel which means they are not likely to go dull or rusty anytime soon. Plus, thanks to the material's durable nature, there's little chance it will ever crook or bend due to forceful use.

  • Sturdy Handle

It has an ergonomic handle that provides you with a firm grip, whether you are left- or right-handed.

  • Multiple Blades

This electric knife kit includes two different blades: one for slicing bread and one for carving meat. So, you basically get two knives in the price of one. Score!

  • Safety Button

We said it before, we'll say it again. Safety is your #1 priority when shopping for electric knives and, thus, any type of protection features are well-appreciated. This best-seller features a safety button which is designed to lock and unlock the ON/OFF button before and after you use it. In fact, this switch keeps the motor inactive even when the knife is plugged in.

  • Easy to Clean

It features a blade release button which “unlocks” the blades and allows you to detach it from the knife's main body. This way you can clean them without worrying about getting water all over the device's motor.

  • Long Cord

It comes with a 4-foot cord, a trait that allows you to be flexible and active around your kitchen, no matter what.


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  • Flimsy Body Material

While the blades are made of high-quality materials, we can't say the same thing for the device's main body. Since it's made of plastic, it may break down at some point, mainly if you use it more forcefully than you should.

2. Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife by Rapala

Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife by Rapala

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If you are not a fan of electric cord knives and think you’ll get tangled with it sooner or later, then this cordless model is your one and only. Equipped with a durable battery-powered motor, it can last more than an hour and can be charged almost ASAP. So, if you’re thinking of going camping and need a reliable electric knife to cut your meat or freshly caught fish, here are the knife’s best and could-be-better qualities you need to know about.

  • Maximum Flexibility

This model runs on batteries. The lack of cords allows you to be flexible around the kitchen and even outside, perhaps during a backyard BBQ feast.

  • Long Battery Life

Lasting almost 80 minutes of cutting, slicing, carving and chopping, this electric knife comes with a long battery life that makes it an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy an overnight camping trip.

  • Direct Plug-In Charger

It's equipped with a direct plug-in charger that allows you to recharge the knife anywhere, anytime.

  • Short Charging Time

According to the manufacturer's instructions, this cordless electric knife takes no longer than two hours to charge. That's quick, to say the least!

  • Thin Blades

Although it often goes unnoticed, a blade's thickness plays a crucial role in the knife's efficiency. In fact, the thinner it is, the more accurately it cuts. This one is equipped with a beautiful, thin blade that can slice to perfection even fish, which is the trickiest food to use a knife on.

  • Heat-Proof Design

This model also has a unique airflow design that allows fresh air to go through the motor. That prevents batteries from building up heat and potentially damaging the motor.


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  • No Blade Release Button

This electric knife doesn't feature a blade release button. So, it can be tricky to clean.

3. 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife EK500B by Black+Decker

9-Inch Electric Carving Knife EK500B by Black+Decker

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If you are on a shoestring budget but still want to get the job done as neatly as possible, then this model is a no-brainer. Featuring a unique comfort grip handle and non-slip tabs, this electric knife can help even the most inexperient users slice their food to perfection. So, if these traits sound like something you would enjoy when cooking, why don’t you take a closer look at the knife’s best and not-so-great qualities to see if it’s really your kitchen sweetheart?

  • Comfort Grip Handle

This electric knife has a patented comfort grip handle which minimizes the discomfort that naturally comes when slicing foods. Specifically, this handle has a unique ergonomic design that allows you to keep the knife steady, no matter what.

  • Safety Lock Button

The appliance features a safety lock button that keeps the motor inactive even if it's plugged in. All it takes is the push of a button. That's all types of safe, especially if you set the knife aside and don't want anyone to get hurt between uses.

  • Non-Slip Tabs

This high-tech device is also equipped with non-slip tabs which allow you to handle the blades during removal and attachment securely.

  • Blade Release Button

This model comes with a blade release button which “unlocks” the blades from the special fittings.

  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts

The knife's blades are dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze.

  • Long-Lasting Blade Materials

The blades are made of stainless steel, ensuring a long-lasting experience without any signs of rust,  or dull edges.

  • Double-Blade Design

It comes with two blades which work simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

  • Affordable

Unlike many, this electric knife is budget-friendly as it is worth well under 20$. Considering all its premium qualities, it's practically a steal.


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  • Troublesome Blade Positioning

Although you can remove them with the push of a button, the blades can be a pain to put back in. So, you need to be careful as you insert them back in the proper fittings to avoid breaking part of the knife's main body.

4. Carve ‘n Set Electric Knife 74250 by Hamilton Beach

Carve 'n Set Electric Knife 74250 by Hamilton Beach

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If meat-based meals are a staple around your house, then this model was made for you. Although it can be used to slice bread, this electric knife puts on a special show when it’s meat-carving time. But, let’s see why this high-tech kitchen appliance is worth the splurge.

  • Extra Fork

When it's time to slice some meat, this electric knife doesn't play nice, and it has an extra two-pronged fork as a sidekick to prove it. This add-in item makes your meat-carving job much more manageable without any additional charges.

  • Easy to Store

This model comes with a compact storage case which keeps the knife, blades and extra fork safe and sound. Not to mention that it makes the device easily accessible.

  • High-Quality Blade Material

Made of stainless steel, this knife's blades make sure you won't have to deal with issues like rust, dull or crooked edges.

  • Ergonomic Handle

This electric knife has an ergonomic handle which provides you with a sturdy grip despite the motor's vibration.


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  • Overheating

Many customers claim that the handle tends to overheat. If that happens, switch it off, let it cool for some time and keep going. Otherwise, it may stop working, at least until it cools down.

5. 120V Electric Knife by Mister Twister

120V Electric Knife by Mister Twister

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If your goal is to find the most efficient electric knife out there, then look no further. This model is known for its legendary Mister Twister action as the company itself is considered a veteran in the industry. So, it’s a safe bet. But, before you add this high-tech gadget to your cart, let’s go through some of the knife’s best and less impressive features.

  • Safety Lock Button

Like all high-quality electric knives, this one has a built-in safety lock system which shuts the motor down on demand even if it's plugged in. That's it, of course, only if you push the said button. This feature is especially helpful if you have kids around and want to avoid any accidental injuries.

  • Easy to Clean

It also comes with a blade release button feature which helps you remove the blades very quickly. This way you can clean them in no time. Removing them also allows you to reach the “tricky” parts of the knife's body without nipping any of your fingers in the process.

  • Customisable Blades

Unlike other models, this one is designed to “accept” various blades of different dimensions, from paper thin to slightly thick. That said, you actually purchase a customizable product that can do anything, from slicing fish (which is the trickiest) and meat to bread and veggies.

  • Long Blades

While most commercially bought knife blades range between 8-9 inches, this model comes with 12-inch blades which provide you with more flexibility.


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  • Short Cord

Unlike others, this electric knife has a short cord which might make things a bit uncomfortable from time to time.


What Is An Electric Knife?

electric knife and breadAlso known as an electric carving knife, an electric knife is a small, handheld kitchen appliance that is used for slicing foods, from bread and veggies to a juicy Thanksgiving turkey. As the name implies, this device runs on electricity. So, it’s nothing like any knife you’ve seen so far.

In fact, this device consists of two serrated blades which are clipped together for maximum efficiency. It also features a rotary motor which is connected to them through an intricate wiring system. So, as soon as you turn the power on, the motor provides power to the blades which start moving back and forth as quickly as possible, most likely in a circular movement.

Thanks to the blades’ sharpness and device’s increased speed, the electric knife ends up cutting through foods with a chef’s precision. Not only that, but it requires far less physical effort than slicing foods with an ordinary kitchen knife which -let’s be honest- may feel like pulling off a deceivingly brutal arm workout at times. Instead, all you have to do is hold the device and push it gently against the food. Task complete!

Why Use An Electric Knife?

We’ll share a small cooking secret with you: Most ordinary kitchen knives are overrated. Promising to do anything from slicing bread to carving roasted chickens, many of them are not the jack-of-all-trades you expect them to be. Instead, they are either used for some basic tasks or something quite explicit which forwards them straight to the “rarely used” cupboard.

On the flip side, electric knives may be a touch more pricey, but they are worth every penny. Not only do they come with a handful of different blades, satisfying various of your multi-tasking cooking needs, but they are also durable. And this is just the beginning. So, intrigued to see why buying an electric knife is a smart investment?

  • Speed

Let’s set the scene: Your friends and family have gathered around the Thanksgiving table and wait for the delicious turkey to be served on their plate. But, if you’ve ever attempted to slice turkey meat, then you know it’s not a simple 1-minute task.

Here’s where a high-quality electric slicer steps in and saves the day (and possibly your arm). This electricity-powered device moves so fast that the meat practically cuts itself. Some electric knives are said to perform 4.000 revolutions per minute, making meat slicing a child’s play.

  • Precision

By cranking up the speed, this appliance also allows you to cut anything your heart desires with a sous chef’s precision. As you are not occupied with the task of slicing the meat, bread or veggies, you have all the time in the world to focus on your grip and keep it as steady as possible. So, as you push the blades against the food, boom! You’ve got yourself a sweet chicken fillet sliced to perfection.

  • Cost Efficiency

Buying a good electric knife may seem like a huge investment for some. But, let’s be a tad more realistic. Ordinary kitchen knives get dull in a matter of years whereas electric knives don’t. That means that unlike their electric counterparts, you have to renew them more often than someone would expect.

Not only that, but the electric version of this kitchen staple features a wide selection of blades which you can switch at demand. On the flip side, ordinary knives don’t allow such versatility, so you have to buy a bunch of them to satisfy all your cooking needs. Sounds costly, doesn’t it?

  • Versatility

From mincing herbs to peeling apples, there is a variety of blades out there to match your individual needs. However, electric knives help you skip all the confusion about which cutting tools are worth the splurge merely by being compatible with several types of blades, each of which is designed to perform a different task. So, no need for an overpriced 10-piece complete set of Santokus.

  • Long-Term Investment

Unlike conventional knives, electric blades are durable AF. In fact, they rarely go dull, and if they do, they don’t require something so demanding such as sharpening. Instead, all you have to do is find a set of replaceable blades, and you are as good as new.


What to Check When Shopping For An Electric Knife

Despite sounding like the Bruce Lee of kitchen appliances, electric knives are only as good as their features. So, before you go ahead and spend a small fortune on the first one that piques your interest, make sure you keep in mind these six often-neglected traits every high-quality electric knife should have. Ready to pick the best one out of the bunch?

  • Cord VS Cord-Free

Not everyone wants to use an electric knife from the comfort of their kitchen. That’s why you can always go cord-free. This electric knife variation is excellent for those who enjoy the outdoors and backyard BBQs.

All you need is a couple of durable batteries, and you are ready to carve that delicious BBQ roast like a pro chef. Note, though, that the batteries of cordless electric knives have a limited lifespan. So, there is always the possibility of them “dying” as you slice the roast.

If you want to avoid such scenarios, you can always stick to the traditional cord version which guarantees 100% efficiency at all times, no matter what. Just plug it and get chopping. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t be able to use it past your kitchen countertop as the cord is no longer than a handful of inches.

  • Type of Blades

One of the first things you need to ask yourself before you go ahead and buy an electric knife is why you need it. Do you want to carve meat, slice bread or chop veggies? No matter the reason, consider how you are going to put this appliance to use and purchase the respective blades.

Most models come with meat-carving and bread-slicing blades and require you buy the rest. So, if you want thinner blades to slice -let’s say- fish, then you need to put your hand in your pocket and invest in a particular type of blade.

  • Ergonomic Handle

The truth is that older electric knife models came with an uneasy vibration which often messed up the tool’s precision. Since no one likes their food cut in a zig-zag form, it’s best to look for a model with an ergonomic handle that absorbs most of the motor’s vibration. Smartly designed handles are also a lot safer as they keep all the necessary buttons close to your fingers and prevent possible injuries.

  • Removable Blades

Another thing you need to check when shopping for an electric knife is the adjustability of the blades. Most high-quality models feature a release button that detaches them from the handle and allows you to wash them more easily.

  • Light Weight

While most electric knives these days weight less than two pounds, you should make this feature one of your top priorities anyway. The less a knife weighs, the easier it is to handle, and the fewer mishaps are likely to occur. Better be safe than sorry, right?

  • Safety Lock

Knives are no joke. They can be the reason behind many kitchen-related accidents. So, using an electric knife can be twice as dangerous as yielding an ordinary one. Luckily, most modern models come with safety locks which “trap” the blades within the handle and stop the device from turning on when plugged in. The bottom line? Always opt for an electric knife with a safety lock to avoid injuries.


Final Thoughts

If you are ready to get your chopping, slicing or dicing on, an electric knife is a great place to start. Thanks to its comfortable, steady grip and efficient slicing rate, this device is a surefire way to cut and slice your foods as efficiently as a pro chef would.

Plus, you’ll avoid spending a fortune on a bunch of different blades just in case you need them. So, are you ready to reinvent your cooking skills now? These 5 wow-worthy electric knives will do. Which one is it going to be?