Best Tortilla Press Reviews for 2022 – Wooden, aluminum or Cast Iron?


Ah, the humble tortilla… From “hugging” our favorite burrito ingredients to serving as a crunchy bed for cheesy quesadillas, this versatile flatbread can add a new dimension of flavor and texture to just about every Mexican (or Mexican-inspired) meal. But, even though store-bought tortillas are the epitome of convenience, nothing hits the spot quite like … Read more

Best Air Fryer Reviews 2022

Best Air Fryer Reviews

Not long ago, everyone thought that eating healthier meant giving up on doughnuts, fried chicken, and hash browns. That was a dark time for fried foods everywhere since all treats sizzled in hot oil were -more or less- a synonym for trans fats, weight gain, and heart disease(1). But, that was then. Nowadays, thanks to … Read more

Best Electric Griddle Reviews 2022

Best Electric Griddle

We can all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, somewhere between a blazing alarm sound, putting a work outfit together and squeezing an a.m. workout, we often neglect to provide our bodies with a much-needed and nutritious breakfast meal. And we know what y’all think: Who’s got time –even … Read more

The Best Japanese Rice Cookers for 2022

Best Japanese Rice Cookers

Whether it’s rolled in sushi, sauteed with black beans or stirred into a bowl of steamy risotto, rice is one of those always-hit-never-miss foods we just can’t get enough of. But, despite its drool-worthy potential, this delicious grain often slips under everyone’s radar. The most common excuse? It’s too tricky to cook. Well, not anymore, … Read more

Best Food Dehydrator for Jerky – 2022 Reviews

Fishing, camping, traveling, in front of a TV, at the ballgame, there’s really no wrong time to enjoy a slice of meat jerky. This popular protein-rich snack is as versatile as it gets, but relying on the store-bought kind is not always a wise choice. You see, most brands contain outrageous amounts of sodium(1), saturated … Read more