Best Rotisserie Chicken Oven Reviews for 2022

There’s something so comforting about rotisserie chicken. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s perfectly crunchy on the outside and beautifully moist on the inside. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s as easy to cook as turning on the rotisserie oven and letting the heat and spices take it from there. No matter the reason, this go-to comfort food can turn any boring meal into a restaurant-worthy experience. So, if you are ready to jazz up your weekly menu, these top 5 rotisserie ovens will definitely make your weeknight meals more exciting than ever.

Best Rotisserie Oven Reviews for 2021

You now know what it takes to choose the best rotisserie oven in the market, but with the plethora of options out there, chances are your head will be spinning sooner than later. To help you save precious time and energy, we’ve reviewed and rounded up the 5 best rotisserie ovens that are guaranteed to get the job done in the easiest (and most affordable) way possible. So, are you ready to get your roast on?

1. Ronco EZ Store

Ronco EZ Store Rotisserie

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If you are looking for a vertical -and most importantly, space-saving- rotisserie oven, this model is a dream come true. Thanks to its small footprint and compact design, the device is perfect for anyone with limited kitchen space. However, don’t let the small size fool you. It has enough space to cook massive amounts of food at once without skimping on flavor. So, if you are thinking of adding it to your kitchen appliance collection, here’s everything that it has to offer (both excellent and could-be-better).

  • Large Capacity

Capable of roasting two chickens at the same time (or 15 lbs of turkey, if you will), this model is the perfect choice for anyone with an enormous appetite or friends who just can't get enough of your rotisserie food.

  • Efficient Heating System

One of the things that make this model stand out is the specialized heating system. Designed to rotate the rods at a certain speed and producing just the right amount of heat, the device manages to roast your food to perfection without so much as a sweat. This dynamic heat/rotating speed combo also forces most of the excess grease to drip away, healthifying your meal like no other.

  • Durable Materials

This rotisserie oven is made of stainless steel, a heat-resistant material that is also immune against corrosion. That is, of course, if you take good care of it, meaning you clean it with mild detergent and wipe it dry with soft cloths.

  • Easy to Store

Folding down to 7.75'' of height, this model sports a compact design that makes storing a breeze. For maximum convenience, you can even place the detachable parts inside the oven's cooking chamber during storage and, thus, save lots of cabinet space.

  • “Set It and Forget It” Timer

It comes with a built-in timer which does all the work for you. You just place the food into the chamber, set the timer, and the automated device takes it from there. It even shuts off when cooking time is up. This feature is especially helpful for rookies who are not yet familiar with the ins-and-outs of rotisserie cooking.

  • Accessories Included

Upon purchase, this model comes with a set of much-needed accessories including a spit, a carving platform which you can use after your meat is cooked, heat-proof gloves, a drip tray, a basket and food ties which help keep the chicken or turkey constrained. Talk about getting a bang for your buck!

  • Easy to Clean

The appliance comes with a curved plate that is located just behind the heating element. You can simply pull it and wipe it clean with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. It also has a removable drip tray which is said to be dishwasher-safe. However, we don't recommend that since the hot water actually corrodes the tray's outer lining. As for the remaining parts, wiping them clean with a wet cloth or towel is more than enough.


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  • It May Take Longer to Cook

We should probably mention that this is not a shortcoming on behalf of the manufacturer's design. Most of the times, this issue arises because the cooking chamber is overstuffed. So, make sure you add just enough food in the basket, allowing the spits to rotate effortlessly.

2. Nutri Chef Countertop Vertical Rotating Oven

Nutri Chef Countertop Vertical Rotating Oven

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If you want to invest in a rotisserie oven that’ll remove as much grease and fat from your meat as possible, then this model is the way to go. But, that’s not the only perk of this device. It also comes with a futuristic design that’ll modernize any kitchen. Intrigued much? Then, here are all the perks of this best-selling rotisserie oven.

  • Hassle-Free Cleanup

This model comes with a removable drip tray which makes cleaning a cinch. Not only that, but it sports a stain-resistant housing which prevents the glass from dulling and messing with the device's look.

  • Efficient Cooking

Designed to utilize up to 1.500 watts, the appliance can produce massive amounts of heat, speeding roasting time and amplifying cooking efficiency. That means that you save not just lots of time but also energy down the line. Someone (or in this case, something) is #ecofriendly.

  • Safety Features

Given its insane heat power, the model comes with a heat-resistant, tempered glass exterior that prevents accidents from occurring. On top of that, it has an auto shut-off feature that keeps you safe at all times.

  • Manual Temperature Settings

It has a button which allows you to cook your food as fast as you want, depending on the device's heat. That said, it can accommodate very high temps which reach up to 464oF. That's about 240oC.

  • Adjustable Timer

It is equipped with an adjustable timer which allows you to roast your meat as long as you want, from 10 minutes to up to an hour. This way you make sure it's cooked exactly the way you want to.

  • Cool Design

Unline most rotisserie ovens, this model sports a really cool, space-age design that can turn any kitchen from “meh” to “wow!” in a matter of seconds. If a modern design means the world to you, then this model should be your go-to choice.


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  • Small Capacity

Given its compact design, this rotisserie oven can cook up to one chicken at a time. For many (see: large families), this is not up to par, so make sure it fits your needs before buying.

3. Black + Decker TO4314SSD Rotisserie Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

Black + Decker TO4314SSD Rotisserie Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

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If you love the idea of roasting chicken at home but also have a soft spot for homemade pizza, baked potatoes, and cookies, then this model is an absolute must-have. Combining the benefits of a rotisserie with the perks of a toaster oven, this 2-in-1 device is the perfect way to save lots of kitchen space while enrichening your menu with the push of a button. But, enough talk. Here’s what you should expect from this all-in-one kitchen appliance.

  • High-Quality Cooking System

The device comes with a powerful convection fan which distributes the warm air evenly throughout the chamber. This way your food is being cooked more quickly and efficiently.

  • Versatility

From baking, broiling and roasting to toasting and keeping your food warm, this model comes with five different cooking options which can maximize your potential. It also features two rack positions (high and low) for optimal results. Who's the Master Chef now?

  • Large Capacity

This rotisserie/toaster oven is known for curved glass door and deep interior which allow you to stuff large batches of your favorite bites, whether it's pizza, bread or chicken. So, you can practically use it for many meals throughout the day.

  • Separate Timer for Toasting

Featuring a setting dedicated to toasting your bread to perfection, this model allows you to brown your first meal of the day just the way you want to. Are you drooling yet?

  • Auto Shut-Off Feature

Besides the stand-alone toast timer, the appliance also comes with a timer that's solely used for cooking. This timer is designed to shut off on its own as soon as the time runs out. Safety always goes first, amirite?

  • Easy Cleanup

This hybrid oven features a removable tray at the bottom of the unit which helps gather all the food crumbs that are scattered during cooking. This way you can quickly get rid of them before they burn and cause a mess.

  • Handy Accessories

It also has two oven racks, a spit, fork ends, a baking pan, a rotisserie removal tool to avoid burning and an instruction booklet to get the most out of your new appliance. So, the sky's the limit! PS: All of these accessories are included in the price.


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  • Hassle to Clean

Unlike most models on this list, this one is actually a bit hard to clean due to the fan which swirls crumbs here and there. Plus, it comes with a couple of hard-to-reach spots which make it harder to clean.

4.  Waring TF250 Pro Electric Digital Rotisserie

Waring TF250 Pro Electric Digital Rotisserie

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If you’d love to add a deep-fried twist to your rotisserie poultry, then this model is a no-brainer. Marrying the sizzling potential of a deep fryer with the rotating skills of a rotisserie oven, this device allows you to fry your food evenly while forcing it to cook in its juices. The best part? It uses way less oil than conventional deep fryers, posing as a healthier alternative to your fried food cravings. So, here’s everything you should expect from this innovative rotisserie oven.

  • Large Capacity

It can fit (and, thus, cook) up to an 18-lb turkey which is perfect for not just large families but also people who often throw parties and large get-togethers.

  • Fast Cooking

According to the manufacturer, the device can roast/deep-fry an entire turkey in less than an hour which can save you lots of precious time down the line.

  • Digital Control Panel

Featuring a state-of-the-art control panel, you can monitor everything that's going on with your cooking experience, from the temps to just how long your food will be cooking. And, speaking of which...

  • Wide Temperature Range

It is also designed to reach a wide range of temperatures, from 175oF to 375oF, allowing you to cook each food based on a variety of requirements such as the recipe's instructions, safety standards set by FDA, etc.

  • Healthier Cooking Approach

Let's be honest: This is not your average run-of-the-mill deep fryer. Thanks to its rotisserie-inspired perks, this model uses just 1/3 of the oil that traditional deep fryers do. That means that you get to sizzle your turkey to perfection without using heaps of saturated fat. In our book, that screams healthy (-ish).

  • Easy to Clean

Contrary to popular belief, this model is super easy to clean. To begin with, it comes with an oil draining spigot which makes the disposal of the oil quite easy and mess-free. So, once the oil is cool, turn on the spigot and transfer all the oil to a separate.

Then, remove the detachable parts one by one, starting from the rotisserie spongs at the top and moving on to the frying basket, heating element and oil container at the bottom. You can clean these by using warm soapy water and a cloth.

  • Newbie-Friendly

For those of you who are not familiar with this type of cooking, the model comes with a READY indicator light that shows you exactly when the oil has reached the optimum temperature. This way you prevent adding the food way too soon, drenching it in oil and ruining its texture.


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  • Takes Up Lots of Space

Unlike other models on this list, this device can be quite a hogger which is not a surprise given its large footprint and large cooking basket. That said, it's only recommended for foodies with enough kitchen or counter space.

5.  Nutri Chef PKRT97 Upgraded Countertop Rotisserie Oven

Nutri Chef PKRT97 Upgraded Countertop Rotisserie Oven

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Watching a chicken or turkey roast in a vertical position can sure be entertaining, but if you are looking for a device with multiple high-end functions, this model certainly fits the bill. From safety features to adjustable temperature settings, it allows to personalize your cooking experience and get the most out of your rotisserie turkey. So, if you are want to get yourself the best rotisserie oven in the market, here are all the reasons why this model should be your top choice.

  • Safe to Use

Designed with heat-resistant materials and featuring a tempered glass door, the appliance is reliable to use, even when you set the temperatures pretty high. So, you can safely place it on any countertop or kitchen table.

  • Huge Capacity

Sporting a 24-quart roasting chamber, this is the device to turn to when you need to cook large batches of rotisserie meat.

  • Time-Efficient Design

Equipped with a high-powered heating element which lies at 1.500 watts, the rotisserie oven is capable of cooking your food evenly in the least amount of time possible. This way you not only get to save precious time but also lots of energy down the line.

  • Hassle-Free Cleanup

Featuring no hard-to-reach spots, the device is very easy to clean. You just remove the rotisserie spongs or kebab skewers (depending on what you cooked earlier) and wash them with warm soapy water. It also comes with stain-resistant glass which allows you to keep the appliance's door in tip-top condition.

  • Adjustable Temperature Settings

This model has a built-in temperature knob which helps you cook your meat to perfection by adjusting the temps accordingly. The temperatures range from 200oF to 464oF.

  • Multiple Cooking Options

Don't feel like roasting your turkey? You can always switch things up by choosing one of the other cooking options which include baking and broiling. Experiment with your rotisserie chicken was never easier!

  • Variety in Rotisserie Accessories

It also comes with a rotating kebab rack which can be an easy-to-use alternative for those days when chicken or turkey feels like old news.


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  • Flimsy Heater

In some cases, users mention that the heating elements wiggle for no reason. Of course, that messes with the unit's cooking dynamic. However, these cases are few and far between, so you have nothing to worry about. After all, the device comes with a one-year guarantee, so you can quickly return it and request for a new, more sturdy unit. Again, the chances of that happening are very slim.

What Is A Rotisserie Oven?

roast chickenAs the name suggests, a rotisserie oven is a small, portable oven that consists of two or more rotating rods (a.k.a. spits) and a radiance heater which roasts the food as it spins. It also features a dripping tray which is located at the bottom of the unit and is used to “trap” any excess fat. Thanks to its rotating design, the rotisserie oven distributes the draining juices evenly throughout the food which make the meat super moist and tender meat. Hooray for self-basting!

What to Look For When Shopping For A Rotisserie Oven

Using a rotisserie oven is actually very easy. But, choosing the best model out there can be quite tricky. To avoid getting stuck with a rotisserie oven that doesn’t meet your needs, here are the four things you need to keep in mind before you add it to your shopping cart.

  • Type

You may not know that, but there are actually three types of rotisserie ovens to choose from based on their structure. The first type is known as the horizontal rotisserie, and it’s the most common. Such ovens come in all shapes and sizes, and they are actually the most convenient to use, especially when it comes to disposing of the dripping juices. The only disadvantage of this type is that it may give you a hard time with large pieces of food.

The second type is known as the vertical rotisserie and is pretty similar to the horizontal variety. The only difference is that the juices don’t get to coat the food and fall straight into the bottom tray. For some, this is a deal-breaker as it strips the food off of the signature flavor which lies in the juices. Despite that, unlike the horizontal ovens, vertical models can be huge space-savers.

The third type is the rotisserie toaster oven. As the name implies, this design combines the functions of a traditional rotisserie oven with the ones of a toaster oven, allowing you to cook a variety of foods and not just meat. Note, though, that this type is not up to par with the other two as it’s not designed to serve solely as a rotisserie oven. Instead, think of it as a toaster hybrid which can occasionally roast meat.

  • Size/Cooking Capacity

When it comes to size, there are a couple of things to take into account. Firstly, you need to consider the type of food you are going to cook. Is it going to be medium-sized chickens or turkeys worthy of a Thanksgiving table? Next, you need to bear in mind just how much available space you have in your kitchen.

So, if you have lots of free counter space, you can always splurge on a larger model which can spare you the hassle on special occasions such as parties or family gatherings. If not, it’s best to opt for a smaller model which can accommodate the needs of an average family, a.k.a. cooking one chicken at a time.

  • Heat Power

The second thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for a rotisserie oven is the heat power, a.k.a. the wattage. This feature shows just how much heat the unit can produce to roast the meat efficiently. That said, the higher the power, the quicker and more efficiently your food will be cooked. The optimum power for a high-quality rotisserie oven ranges anywhere from 1.400 to 1.800 watts.

  • Number of Spits

This requirement is pretty straightforward: You can either choose a rotisserie oven with one or two rotating spits. However, models with just one spit are considered the most efficient option. Why? They can cook enough food to feed a family and may come in handy in case you want to prep smaller cuts of meat such as skewers, kebabs or roasts. Meanwhile, rotisserie ovens with two spits may help you cook large amounts of foods in one go but are bulkier in size. The final decision is up to you.

  • Temperature Settings

While some models come with adjustable temperature settings which allow you to roast your meat according to the recipe’s instructions, others come with preset temp controls which offer some extra convenience and are perfect for rotisserie chicken rookies. So, the route you are going to choose is solely based on your personal preference and capabilities.

Final Thoughts

rotisserie pork shoulderOf all the cooking methods out there, rotisserie is undoubtedly the most drool-worthy. Forcing the meat to soak in its own juices as it cooks, this approach adds a whole array of flavors and textures to the mix, from smoked and juicy to roasted and crunchy.

However, splurging on store-bought rotisserie chicken all too often doesn’t come cheap, not to mention it can be downright unhealthy (ahem, preservatives!). To spare your wallet and health the shock, you can always invest in a high-quality rotisserie oven which will allow you to enjoy your favorite bites at home.

Don’t know where to start? From modern and reliable to newbie-friendly and space-efficient, these top 5 rotisserie ovens are just the thing to get you started on the popular roasting method. So, are you ready to treat your taste buds to a juicy chicken fillet?