Best Potato Ricer Reviews in 2022 – Is There Life After French Fries?

OK sure, the good old white potato is not exactly what you’d call pretty. But, pair this starchy spud with some butter, herbs or cream, and you’ve got yourself the treat of a lifetime. That being said, it’s not a surprise that this veggie is the main (if not the only) ingredient in many tasty dishes, from French fries and wedges to soups and salads.

However, if you are a true foodie, you know that mashed potatoes are where the money is at. Between its creamy taste, buttery essence and fluffy texture, this dish is the equivalent of comfort in a bowl. Unfortunately, nailing this elusive, lump-free consistency is not always easy – even if you recruit your most expensive potato masher.  

So, no more creamy mashed tots for you? Well, not under the potato ricer’s watch. This often-ignored kitchen tool allows you to mash spuds to perfection and finally get that smooth texture you’ve been drooling over. Don’t know where to start? These are the best potato ricers.

Best Potato Ricer Reviews for 2021

The truth is that there is a wide variety of potato ricers out there, from those that scream “that’s OK, I guess” to the ones with an “I need to get this STAT” vibe.  However, if you are sick of the old fork-and-squeeze method, owning the best of the best is the only way to go. Need a few pointers? These top 6 potato ricers will change the way you think about mashed potatoes. So, put on your favorite apron, bring those taters to a boil and let’s get the ricing started.

1. OXO Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher

OXO Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher

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We know, we know! Potato mashers are not as efficient as ricers. But, we have to admit that there’s something special going on with the particular model. We don’t know if it’s the simple design or the fact that it’s super easy to clean, but this potato masher has definitely earned a spot in this list, and here are the reasons why.

  • Steady Grip

Equipped with a bulky handle, this masher grants you full control over the tool, an element that maximizes your mashing potential. This way you can squeeze the food to perfection, leaving no lumps behind. Plus, the handle's sturdy design prevents slippage which is always a good thing.

  • Easy Cleanup

This product is dishwasher-safe which means that you don't have to do zilch once you are done using it. Just load it into the dishwasher, and that's pretty much where your part ends.

  • Efficient Design

It may seem like it, but this model was made the way it is for a reason. The vertical design and the large handle on top allow you to use your entire body weight to push down the masher. As a result, you end up using less energy than you would in any other case. Specifically, the horizontal handle is designed to absorb a hefty amount of pressure, taking the heat off of your arms. Genious, huh?

  • Long-Lasting Materials

Made of stainless steel, this masher is bound to last for years, especially if you take good care of it. To do so, avoid bringing it into contact with metal objects, and that's pretty much it.

  • Affordable

Costing way below 20$, this tool is perfect for anyone on a shoestring budget. So, all of us.

  • Easy to Store

Thanks to its small size, this tool is super easy to store. You can even place it in a kitchen drawer for immediate access.

  • Large Grid

The masher's waffle-shaped grid is rather broad, allowing you to mash big batches of potatoes in one go. That's especially helpful if you need to feed a crowd, be it a large family or a big group of friends.


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  • Tough Texture

As with every potato masher, the food produced is not always as soft and fluffy as it would be if you used a ricer. That occurs because no air is involved in the pressing process, an element that leaves the food as hard as it was before it turned into a puree.

2. Best Manufacturers Waffle Head Potato Masher

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That is the second potato masher to make it to this list, but boy does it deserve it! Sporting a highly efficient waffle-shaped grid, this model can turn any food into a pile of mashed deliciousness with the least amount of effort. Luckily, the masher’s benefits don’t end there. So, here’s everything else you need to know about this product before you add it to your cart.

  • High-Quality Materials

This model is made of food-grade stainless steel. That means that it is resistant to corrosion and can tough out steaming hot foods. Not only these, but stainless steel is also known for lasting years and years before it grows weary. So, chances are this masher won't go down quickly.

  • Easy to Clean

According to the manufacturer, this product is dishwasher-safe. So, less work for you.

  • Efficient Grid Design

If you take a look at the grid, chances are you'll get a bunch of waffle flashbacks. However, this feature is not just part of a fashion-forward statement; it's also there to increase the masher's efficiency. Specifically, the waffle-head grid pushes against the food very nicely and tends to rice more potatoes than a regular round-holed masher.

  • Ergonomic Construction

The masher was specially designed to maintain a balance between the handle and the grid. This way you can have full control over the handle without struggling to keep it steady. In its way, this balance provides you with maximum comfort and efficiency.


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  • Slippery Handle

Since it's made of stainless steel, the handle is not exactly what you'd call non-slip. So, if you are about to use it, make sure your hands are dry or else you'll find it hard to mash the food.

3. Chef’n Fresh Force Potato Ricer

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If you are looking for a potato ricer that will be easy on your hands, then this model is just perfect for you. Engineered to minimize the hand strain and increase your leverage, this ricer is the best choice to prep food without exhausting your arms and hands. Even kids can use it. But, this is just the beginning. Let’s see what else this product has in store for you.

  • Easy to Clean

This product comes with a detachable hopper (basket) which makes cleaning a cinch. So, instead of trying to unclog the holes with running water and possibly a toothpick, just remove the basket and put it in the dishwasher. Note that the other parts of this ricer are also top-rack dishwasher-proof, so no cleaning for you.

  • Patented Gear Mechanism

According to the manufacturer, this model comes with a specific gear mechanism placed on the back of the top handle. That means that the level is easier to handle and the product ends up mashing more food with less strength. In fact, this product is said to be 65% easier to use than most standard ricers out there, opting as a convenient alternative for anyone with a busy schedule. So, all of us.

  • Long-Lasting Materials

The hopper is made of stainless steel. That means that it is resistant to water-induced corrosion and age-old decay. Plus, this type of material is also safe to use around food. So, you're a winner, no matter what.

  • Sturdy Handles

This product features two solid handles which provide you with safety in every push. So, no matter how hard you choose to squeeze, these grips are not likely to bend.


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  • Pricey

According to many wishful and past owners, this potato ricer comes with a relatively high price tag, especially compared to the ones in the market today. However, consider all of its perks, from the patented gear mechanism to the genius removable hopper hack. To be honest, it seems more like a steal than splurge.

4. OXO Good Grips Food Mill

OXO Good Grips Food Mill

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If you want to enjoy your favorite comfort food but hate all the cleaning afterward, then this model is by far the best choice for you. Equipped with a well-designed bowl at the bottom, this food mill “traps” the mashed food in there, sparing you the mess here and there. Loving what you hear? Here’s everything else you need to know about this product.

  • Versatile Textures

This model comes with three different sieves which allow you to produce foods of different textures. So, choose between fine, medium and coarse, and the respective sieve will take it from there. That's like having three different tools in the kitchen but only use one.

  • Easy to Store

Despite its hefty milling area, this product is very easy to store. In fact, it has foldable legs which save you lots of cabinet space. Plus, you can easily store all accessories inside the bowl between uses.

  • Large Capacity

With a whopping 2.3 quart capacity, this food mill is not your average potato ricer. That makes it ideal for highly demanding situations where you need to produce massive amounts of mashed foods such as parties or family gatherings.

  • High-Quality Materials

The bowl itself and all three sieves are made of stainless steel. As a result, they are resistant to corrosion, staining, and high temperatures and they are likely to last for many years. Just keep them away from metal objects for maximum sustainability.

  • Easy Cleanup

All parts of this food mill are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup that much easier.

  • Easy to Use

It's true that this model requires some basic assembling and de-assembling skills. But, the truth is it's so easy to handle that you won't even feel like you are doing something special. That's mostly because this model has an easy release button which allows you to swap grinding disks very easily.

  • Steady Construction

This food mill also comes with a non-slip handle and legs for maximum stability. Specifically, you can use one hand to man the mill and the other to stabilize the entire tool. Thanks to its non-slip nature, the handle is very easy to maneuver. Meanwhile, the non-slip legs add further resistance to the mix, especially as they push against the kitchen counter. Trust us; these features are a game-changer.


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  • Holes Clog Easily

The most common issue with this food mill is revolved around the sieve holes. They tend to clog when you use foods with skins which is normal. However, to avoid that, make sure you remove the skins and then proceed with the grinding.

5. Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

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If you are on the market for a durable potato ricer that will allow you to switch the food’s texture based on your needs, then this model is a no-brainer. Equipped with three different grinding disks, this ricer is definitely worth a place in your kitchen. Intrigued much? Here’s the scoop on this best-selling potato ricer.

  • Multiple Food Textures

Designed to fit three different grinding disks, this ricer can help you make anything from a bowl of smooth, creamy potato mash to a few cups of slightly coarse tomato sauce for your pasta. That's versatility at its best!

  • Excellent Materials

Stainless steel is one of the best choices when it comes to kitchen tools. Thanks to its non-corrosive nature and low cost, it makes any kitchen tool (this ricer included) last for many years. So, in plain English, you'll get a bang for your buck.

  • Large Hopper Capacity

Compared to many of its peers, this ricer comes with a relatively large hopper, allowing you to mash more food in one go.

  • Affordable

This potato ricer comes at a very reasonable price.

  • Steady Grip

According to the manufacturer, the handles of this model are longer than any other product's on the market today. As a result, they provide users with a steadier grip. Not only that, but they are also equipped with a non-slip knob which increases the resistance of your grasp.

  • Easy to Handle

It also comes with a cushioned handle which requires less strength when in use. That means that you can get more for less which is helpful if you don't have enough strength to pull it off.


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  • Discs Often Stick To Food

Many previous owners mention that this product lacks in hopper construction. Specifically, the discs tend to stick to food as you lift up the plunger arm. So, instead of them remaining at the bottom of the basket where they belong, they make their way out of it, and you have to put them back in. For some, that can be annoying after a while.

6. Norpro Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

Norpro Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

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If a solid grip means everything to you, then this model should be your only choice. Known for its sturdy design, the Norpro ricer is perfect for anyone who wants full control over the tool. But, that’s not the only perk that comes with this Amazon-favorite ricer. Let’s check the rest.

  • Sturdy Construction

Made of high-quality materials, this potato ricer features a solid construction which is

  • Makes Little Mess

Thanks to its compact and face-downward design, you can readily place it over a pot or bowl every time you use it. This way you'll make less of a mess as you cook.

  • Large Hopper Capacity

It comes with a biggish basket, allowing you to produce big batches of your favorite foods while saving lots of time.

  • Easy to Clean

This product is also a breeze to clean. Just put it under running water, wash it with some soap, rinse and it's ready for your next batch of mashed potatoes.


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  • Requires Strength

The bad news is that this ricer can be a tad difficult to handle. Many previous owners mention that they've had a rough time squeezing the food which can be a huge disappointment. However, you can skip this part if you put slightly less food in the hopper each time.

What Is A Potato Ricer?

fried chicken nuggs with mashed potatoes and asparagusA potato ricer is a kitchen tool that is used to turn any food (usually cooked potatoes) into strings of rice-like bits(hence the name). Specifically, the hand-held device is designed to force the foods of your choice through a sheet of small holes which have the diameter of a rice grain. So, as they are forced through these holes, they turn into the fluffy, lump-free mash we know and love.

Many believe that this tool looks like an XL garlic press which is kind of true as it consists of two long handles, one with a perforated basket at the end and one with a flat surface (think of it as a small disk) that fits perfectly into the basket. So, as you bring the two handles together, the disc forces the basket’s contents out of the holes, forming rice-like bits of the food.

What To Look For When Shopping For A Potato Ricer

masged potatoes asian greensDon’t be fooled by its minimalistic design. Finding the perfect potato ricer can be a challenge. Why? Simply because there are a few seemingly negligible factors that can mess with the tool’s efficiency, from size to the handle’s design. So, to avoid ending up with a bowl of so-so mash, here are the four most important things to consider when buying a potato ricer.

  • Hopper Size

The first thing to look for when shopping for a potato ricer is the size of the mill component, also known as the hopper. This part of the tool is where you place the potato before you press it through the grates. To make the most out of the ricer, the hopper needs to be big enough to fit either an entire potato or large chunks of it. In fact, the larger the hopper, the less time you spend ricing the food.

  • Sturdy Materials

By now, you’ve probably realized that manning a potato ricer requires a decent amount of arm strength. However, you can make your life so much easier if you opt for a model made of sturdy materials. As you’ll be smashing a fair share of food, it’s essential to count on a reliable tool that can take some of the “heat” that would otherwise be directed to your arms.

  • Number of Holes

Another thing to consider is the number of holes in the tool’s basket. While the size of the holes doesn’t really matter, the number of holes is an entirely different story. The truth is that they can make a huge difference, especially time-wise. In fact, according to experts, the more holes your hopper has, the more quickly you will turn your potatoes into a drool-worthy mash.

  • Non-Slip Handles

Working with food (and in this case, potatoes) can be slimy. That means that you may not always have a steady grip to push the two handles together. Also, wiping your hands dry every few minutes doesn’t sound like a time-efficient way to deal with the issue. To avoid all these, you should opt for a model with a non-slip handle which shall prevent slippage and some potential injuries while increasing your productivity. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

Final Thoughts

mashed potatos with ribsEven though the potato ricer has received its fair share of criticism over the years, it remains one of the most efficient ways to mash almost anything, from potatoes (duh!) to tomatoes. So, if you want to make your life easier and skip the brutal arm workout every time you are making sauce or puree, remember that these top 6 potato ricers have you covered. So, which one is it going to be?