Best 4-Burner Gas Grill Reviews for 2022

Here we have it; the third segment of our round-up of gas-lit grills for 2021.

So far, we’ve covered portable two-burners, compact but powerful three-burners, and so now it’s high time to round out the series with…you guessed it, the four-burners.

Whereas the previous articles covered grills that offer a reasonably comprehensive selection of features designed to enable you to take your culinary exploits to the next level; these same grills were admittedly slightly limited in their abilities due to their size restrictions.

This next set of grills are not designed for those who are actively seeking out the compact, portable, or the simplistic. The following set of larger units are for the adventurous cooks, the megalomaniacs, and the perfectionists.

Versatility and dynamism are the key strengths a four-burner brings to the table versus its smaller siblings, and as such, they are uncompromising machines – fiercely powerful and physically imposing.

Best 4 burner gas grill reviews for 2021

Keeping this in mind; what better way to start our review than with a literal monument (well, sort of).

1. The Monument Grills 4 Burner

The Monument Grills 4 Burner Propane Wheeled Gas Grill with USB LED Light.

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Monuments business ethic is, put simply, that the customer should not have to pay more than $500 for a quality porcelain-grated four-burner grill; or as they themselves put it: “better grilling/better value”. True to this promise, this quirky four-burner unit comes in at considerably below that price point. Score one for the Monument! But what can it do? Well, let’s find out!

For starters, it sports some pretty cool features that you wouldn’t necessarily expect on a model this cheap. It’s got LED lighted knobs (not really a massive selling point by themselves, but still very cool), and an LED grilling light. We’re particularly fond of this latter feature, as it straight up looks amazing, and it’s pretty useful when you consider that most grilling is done in the evening against the backdrop of fading daylight. Getting away from the distractingly flashy extra bits, it doesn’t perform at all badly either. It doesn’t seem to be using bling to distract from any shortcomings, and backs itself up nicely in the power department, offering up a monumental (sorry) 60,000 BTUs of pure cooking power!

  • Ample cooking space

The Monument doesn’t fail to impress on the basics. On top of supplying tons of power, it also offers a huge space to cook on: to be exact, 513 square inches of primary cooking space, and 210 square inches of warming rack. There’s also a side burner. Pretty impressive!

  • Aesthetics

This grill just looks great, and the aesthetically pleasing bits are functional too! Take the glass front, for example: this not only gives the unit a really sleek facade, but also enables you to look in through the lid at your food without losing any heat. Function, and fashion!

  • User friendly

User experience seems to be a central concern for the folks at Monument, as from the moment you begin unpackaging the grill it just goes easy. Assembly is relatively untaxing, the ignition system works perfectly, and it gets up to heat – fast! Ready, aim, fire!


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  • Minor design flaw

The grease tray is a bit fiddly and a little difficult to access. Yes, this is really the only flaw we could find with the Monument!

2. The Royal Gourmet 4-Burner

The Royal Gourmet 4-Burner

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Unsurprisingly, in addition to having a grill featured in both our best of two-burners and best of three-burners reviews, one Royal Gourmet unit also makes the cut in the four-burner department. They simply just make a great grill! Again, another reason that this manufacturer holds so much sway with us is that they deliver big performance for small change, and this unit doesn’t venture away from that norm in the slightest. The Royal Gourmet offers four burners, each with an output of 12,000 BTU (48,000 total), and an ample 584 square inches of cooking space.

Versatility seems to have also been part of the plan when it came to designing this unit; it is transportable and rolls around nice and smoothly, whilst it also offering a dual cooking surface; one side a grate and the other being a flat griddle that can be exchanged for use easily. It also folds away to a nice compact size to enable you to bring it to the campsite or beach, or wherever you cook. We’re blown away by the idea that a four-burner grill could be anything less than a nightmare to transport, so this is great!

  • Strong and Lightweight

Though this may seem like an unlikely combination of traits, the Royal Gourmet Portable 4-Burner has somehow managed to pull it off! It is light enough that it can be carried by almost anybody, and yet feels nearly indestructible.

  • Easy to assemble

There are no nasty surprises when it comes to setting this thing up. The instructions are clear, and the unit fits together nicely.

  • More grill for your bills

Though it has already been said; this grill is amazingly cheap, and by no means a substandard unit. In terms of bang for your buck – this thing can’t be beat!


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  • A little uneven

The heat distribution lets this unit down a little overall. The back gets a little hotter than the front does; not majorly but it is noticeable.

3. The Weber Genesis II S-435 4-Burner

The Weber Genesis II S-435 4-Burner

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Those of you who are regular readers of these segments will be unsurprised to see yet another Weber product make it to our shortlist of best grills for 2019, and neither will those of you who own or have owned one in the past. The Weber brand has historically been synonymous with quality builds and longevity, coupled with an emphasis on refinement. As such, of the grills featured in this review, you can easily consider this one the ‘luxury’ model.

Naturally, such luxury comes at a cost, but Weber do a fine job ensuring that their products justify their price tag. On top of delivering on quality on the basics (power etc.), this model features such helpful add-ons as the side burner, which is great for sautéing vegetables, and a ‘sear station’, which is utilized to create an intense heat zone – ideal for getting those all-important sear marks on your meats. This truly is the Ferrari of the four-burner world!

  • Guaranteed longevity

This one asset stands as the one that most sets Weber apart from its competitors. Not only do Weber consistently build products that last a generation (according to some previous owners), they are also so confident in their ability to maintain this level of build quality that they provide a ten-year warranty on this product. Tell us you’re not impressed with that!

  • Power, and refinement

At 48,000 BTU, it’s abundantly clear that the Weber 67006001 Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill is powerful enough to manage any type of cooking, but where its strengths really become obvious is when it shows how smoothly it delivers that power. The Weber gets up to heat, in excess of 600F in a matter of minutes, and at this point, the GS4 high performance grilling system shows what it can do. Smoky-flavored juicy meats; every time.

  • Versatility and control

The Weber distributes heat perfectly evenly and has enough space that turning a burner off for some indirect cooking won’t be problematic.


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  • It’ll cost you

Remember earlier when we said that the Weber was the Ferrari of the grill world? Unfortunately, as is the case with the Ferrari name, the Weber brand name also conjures up some prestige-related pricing woes, and as such you can expect to pay more – much more. On a positive note though, the chances are high that one of these will last far longer than a cheaper model.

4. The Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner

Char Broil 4-burner

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Veteran grill-masters and frequent readers of our reviews will be familiar with the brand Char-Broil and what they bring to the table. Their ethos seems to revolve around offering good quality cooking equipment at a fraction of the cost of their competitors, enabling those of us on a tighter budget to be able to experience the best of what outdoor cooking has to give. But let’s not be hasty and assume that a low price means a sub-standard build quality, as the Char-Broil 463377319 Performance Stainless Steel 4-Burner comes fitted out in stainless steel that is both stylish, and durable.

This attention to detail follows through right down to the cooking surfaces themselves, which are porcelain coated. The porcelain coated cast iron grates protect against the elements and thus ensure longevity, and even the drip-pan (a common weak point on grilling equipment) is porcelain coated. The whole thing is sturdy, which is what you’d want from a piece of equipment like this, but far more so than you would be led to expect from the price.

  • Easy to assemble

The Char-Broil is an entry level assembly. Seriously, if you’ve ever held a tool in your hands before, you should be able to work this out with minimal trouble. The instructions are easy to comprehend, and every piece of the hardware is clearly labelled.

  • Easy to clean

The interior of this grill cleans up great after use. We’re not sure exactly how Char-Broil have achieved this, but it’s a big plus!

  • Powerful side-burner

The 10’000 BTU side burner is a great addition to any grill. It’s absolutely perfect for simmering barbeque sauce as you wait for your meat to cook!


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  • The shelves

If we were to single out any aspect of this grill for critique, it wouldn’t be the performance of the grill itself, but rather the shelves. They feel as though they were fabricated from a thinner gauge steel and thus seem a little on the flimsy side.

5. The Blackstone 1554 Station-4-burner

Blackstone 1554 Station

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We here at wellfed absolutely love it when restaurant grade materials somehow work their way into the domestic realm, and that’s precisely what makes this grill so intriguing for us. I mean, look at that flat-top! It’s an item of pure beauty! It also has great quality stainless steel burners that will probably outlive us all, and a super thick rolled steel surface which optimizes heat retention and ensures even distribution.

All four burners work entirely independent of one another and offer a range of temperatures from very low to incredibly hot and everything in between. This gives the user more options on how to express themselves and their style via this versatile and dynamic unit. We also love that the Blackstone 1554 Station-4-burner boasts industrial strength caster wheels. Whereas most grills skimp on this aspect of the construction, the Blackstone offers a tough and practical solution: excellent if you plan on moving it about frequently.

  • Pocket change

This griddle is astounding value for its build quality and the food it can deliver. Sure, you could probably find a better griddle, but be expecting to pay at least twice what this one costs for that luxury!

  • Bigger is better

The cooking space on this thing is huge; in fact, it’s probably large enough to land a plane on. Do you need that much space? Probably not, but it’s great to have the option!

  • Assembly

The assembly of this unit compared to traditional grills is super easy. It being the case that there are less components means that there are less steps, and as such, it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to assemble, even if you’ve never assembled a griddle in your life.


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  • Seasoning

We noticed many other reviewers had complaints that the griddle rusted after a while, and though this is most certainly a concern, it is one that can easily be alleviated by merely seasoning your griddle before use. As far as we’re concerned, this is the only valid critique of the Blackstone.

6. The MASTER COOK BBQ 4-Burner

Master Cook 4-burner

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The time has come for us to introduce the final grill in this series, and it being the case that we’ve dedicated most of our attention toward mid and upper range four-burners, we felt it was time to introduce a cheaper and more compact alternative to the more beastly Webers et al of the grill world. The MASTER COOK fills this void perfectly. It is compact, but yet still offers an impressive 400 square inches of primary cooking space with a further 118 of secondary.

It is affordable, and yet doesn’t feel cheaply built. You still get a good grade of stainless steel on the lid and on the control panel. Most importantly, however, is that it still delivers the power necessary to provide the user with what they need to deliver quality food. The MASTER COOK delivers 36,000 BTU through its four burners, and an extra 12,000 on top of that if you take into account the side burner. That’ll do it, we reckon!

  • Ease of use

Once it’s all assembled, it’s remarkably easy to use and gets up to heat quickly. There doesn’t seem to be any issue whatsoever with hotspots or flareups either.

  • Good build quality

The side burner itself can handle large pots without any structural weaknesses becoming apparent. The same goes for the shelf on the other side. In this category, it beats quite a few grills above its pay grade!

  • Costs next to nothing

Considering that this thing is a fully functional 4 (or even 5) burner grill, we’re absolutely amazed that they can sell it at the price they do!


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  • The wheels

We’re not suggesting that every barbeque should have industrial standard wheels, but a slight step up from these would be nice.

Best 4 burner gas grill buying guide summary

And so, the time has come to conclude our review of the best four-burner gas grills for 2021. As is our usual style, we haven’t directly picked a favorite from the shortlist and said, ‘you should definitely buy this grill’. That just isn’t our motivation here at wellfed. We instead aim to provide a buying guide that is clear, concise and informative which then hopefully leads to you picking a unit that fits into your lifestyle, your physical space, and indeed, your cooking preferences. As such, what we have provided you with is a range of models, each with their own quirks and strengths, across a wide range of price points. This, hopefully, helps you to make a decision informed on what criteria you find most important, getting you the best grill for you – and not for us!

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