Best Electric Griddle Reviews 2022

We can all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, somewhere between a blazing alarm sound, putting a work outfit together and squeezing an a.m. workout, we often neglect to provide our bodies with a much-needed and nutritious breakfast meal. And we know what y’all think: Who’s got time –even 15 minutes- to spend on whipping up pancakes or making an omelet?

Do you want to hear something interesting? You actually need less time than that, especially when you have an electric griddle around. This cutting-edge kitchen appliance is designed to cook breakfast (or lunch and dinner) in a matter of minutes, no matter what you choose to throw on top of it. In fact, it’s so easy to use that the only confusing part about it is which recipe to try out first.

If you want to revolutionize your breakfast habits and finally make time for something else other than a bowl of cereal, these high-end electric griddles are a great place to start. Cooking breakfast was never easier!

Best Electric Griddle Reviews for 2021

Checking out a griddle’s specifications is easy. But, choosing the right one for you can be hard, not to mention time-consuming. So, we combed through this year’s top sellers only to find the very best and present them to you with all their virtues and minor flaws. Ready to cook big with these top 5 electric griddles? Then, let’s dig in!

1. Electric Griddle GD2011B by BLACK+DECKER

Electric Griddle GD2011B by BLACK+DECKER

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If you are on the market for an electric griddle with a large cooking surface, then this is the one for you. In fact, this model has enough space to cook food for a family of eight in one go. That’s a lot! Not only that, but it comes with various features that make cleaning a breeze. But, enough talk. Let’s take a closer look at this griddle’s impressive and could-be-better qualities.

  • Large Cooking Surface

Designed to cook up to eight servings at once, this griddle is ideal for those who want to cook big batches of their favorite foods.

  • Non-Stick Surface

The electric griddle comes with a non-stick surface which prevents foods from sticking and getting burnt from intense contact. This feature also makes cleaning a cinch.

  • Slide-Out Drip Tray

It has a removable drip tray which captures all excess fat and liquid by-products as you cook. This way you can dispose of them quickly without spending much time on cleaning.

  • Immersible Base

The model's base is fully submersible, allowing you to immerse it in water once you unplug it and detach any electrical parts such as the temperature probe. Needless to say that this feature makes cleaning much more comfortable.

  • Temperature Control Features

This electric griddle features a bunch of temp control elements which personalize your experience and help you make the most out of each cooking session. In fact, it comes with a removable probe which screams safety. It also has an adjustable temperature knob which provides you with several options depending on the meal you cook. Lastly, it is designed to reach temps up to 400oF which means you can readily cook meat.


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  • Uneven Heat Distribution

Even though the device comes with promising temp control features, the plate doesn't always heat up as efficiently as it should.

2. Electric Griddle 07061 by Presto

Electric Griddle 07061 by Presto

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If you are looking for an affordable electric griddle that can get the job done, then this model is a dream come true. But, don’t let its low price fool you. This device comes with a variety of features which help you cook everything your heart desires to perfection. Intrigued much? Here’s everything you need to know about this model, both good and bad.

  • Removable Handles

This model features detachable handles which can be removed or attached at command by merely latching them onto or off of the griddle base.

  • Easy to Store

With the handles and the heat control unit removed, you can readily tuck the thin plate away in any standard kitchen cabinet.

  • Temperature Control

Equipped with a Control Master feature, this griddle is designed to maintain a steady temperature throughout a cooking session and all across the plate.

  • Immersible Base

It also has a waterproof base that enables a smoother cleaning process.

  • Detachable Drip Tray

Like most high-end griddles, this one comes with a slide-out drip tray which securely collects all excess fat and makes cleaning more comfortable for you.

  • Durable Materials

The griddle's base is made of cast aluminum, a type of material that is heat- and warp-proof as well as resistant to time-induced corrosion.

  • Large Griddle Plate

It comes with a large cooking plate which means that you can use it to cook multiple servings at once.

  • Non-Stick Surface

Sporting a non-stick coating, this model prevents the foods from "gluing" to the surface, causing a mess along the way.


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  • Bowed Toward The Center

Most previous owners note that the griddle tends to dip at the center. That means that you may experience difficulty spreading batter-based foods at the edges.

3. CKSTGRFM18W-ECO DuraCeramic Griddle by Oster

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If you want to get your hands on the most durable electric griddle out there, then this model is a safe bet. Sporting a unique DuraCeramic coating, this device by Oster is guaranteed to last for many years, even if you use it on a regular basis. The best part? This is not the only good thing that comes with owning the particular griddle. Let’s take a look at everything else this model has to offer.

  • Fast Cooking

According to the manufacturer, this griddle is designed to cook food 20% faster than most griddles in the market. That's great news for everyone who wants to squeeze some breakfast time in the morning but doesn't have the time to cook.

  • Energy Efficient

Considering it cooks foods more quickly than its peers, this model also tends to consume less electricity, making it an energy-efficient choice for those who love going "green."

  • Unique Warming Tray

This product raises the bar in the electric griddle realm by incorporating a unique feature; the extra warming tray. So, while most griddles also double as warming trays on demand, none of them so far has had an additional one that did that exact thing. Thinking outside the box, manufacturers added an extra tray just below the regular one on which you can place your foods once they're done cooking to keep them warm and toasty.

  • Large Cooking Surface

It comes with a big cooking surface which can accommodate the needs of a large family.

  • DuraCeramic Coating

The griddle's unique DuraCeramic coating guarantees a high-quality experience. In fact, this innovative feature preserves the device's surface four times as long as in other models. That means that they won't peel or flake as quickly as others. Money well spent!

  • Easy to Clean

Thanks to its non-stick surface, this model is straightforward to clean.

  • Free of Chemicals

PTFE and PFOA are two chemical substances which are usually found in food packaging items and cookware with non-stick coatings. According to experts(1), these elements may lead to a variety of diseases such as toxin-induced tumors when they infiltrate the human body. That usually happens when you consume food that has been exposed to them. Luckily, this griddle doesn't contain any of these substances, prioritizing your health.

  • Removable Temperature Probe

It is also equipped with a detachable temp probe which allows you to clean the device as safely and efficiently as possible.

  • Adjustable Temp Settings

The appliance's temp probe comes with adjustable settings which help you determine the heating level based on what you are cooking.


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  • Not Easy to Store

Due to its largish size, this electric griddle is not easy to store. So, you should consider buying it only if you have enough countertop or cabinet space.

4. Electric Griddle Gourmet Sizzler EA-DCC10 by Zojirushi

Electric Griddle Gourmet Sizzler EA-DCC10 by Zojirushi

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If you want to do more with your electric griddle than cooking bacon and pancakes, then this is where your money should be at. This high-tech model features a wide range of temperatures which allows you to prepare a variety of foods, from vegetables to tough cuts of meat. But, this is not all that this griddle can do. In fact, here’s a complete list of its pros and cons.

  • Long-Lasting Materials

This model is made of durable materials. In fact, it comes with a ceramic surface which is enhanced with a non-stick titanium finish. Not only that, but the device's outer surface is also made of aluminum. So, you see that this model is all about durability, from the inside out.

  • XL Cooking Surface

Compared to most griddles out there, this one features an XL cooking surface which can serve up to six to eight people at once.

  • Multiple Heat Settings

From warming up (176oF) to full-blown roasting (425oF), this device comes with a wide range of heat settings which provide you with a variety of cooking options. So, nothing is off limits.

  • Top Lid

Unlike many, this electric griddle comes with a specially designed cover. That is an excellent feature for two reasons. Firstly, it traps the heat around your food, making it cooking faster than usual. And secondly, it keeps foods intact from various air elements which may deteriorate the food's taste and quality.

  • Removable Cooking Plate

It also features a detachable cooking plate which allows you to access many hard-to-reach spots and makes cleaning much more relaxed.

  • Immersible Bodyguard

This appliance has a fully waterproof body which means you can submerge the entire unit in water and wash it. That's, of course, after you unplug it and remove all electrical parts. That spares you precious time from cleaning. Not only that, but this type of design protects anyone who may instinctively reach out for the device against scalding.

  • Even Heat Distribution

The device's heating element is specially designed to provide the griddle with even heat distribution, avoiding any super cold or hot spots. This way you can use the entire cooking surface to the fullest.

  • Extra Spatula

It comes with an easy-to-use stainless steel spatula.


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  • Expensive

Unlike most electric griddles on this list, this one is somewhat pricey. However, considering its high-quality materials and various up-to-date features, the price tag does make sense.

5. Liddle Griddle 07211 by Presto

Liddle Griddle 07211 by Presto

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If you are literally looking for the BEST electric griddle in the market, then you can’t go wrong with this model. Equipped with an impressive set of features (from an immersible base to heat control settings), this griddle is exactly what you need to make your cooking experience as comfortable and personalized as possible. But, we’ll let the device’s pros (and only one con) do the talking here.

  • Wide Range of Temperatures

It can reach very high and low temperatures. As a result, it can accommodate anything from a light warming to full-on roasting.

  • Even Heat Distribution

Thanks to its well-designed heating element, this griddle distributes heat evenly all across the plate. No cold or hot spots, whatsoever.

  • Durable Materials

It's made of cast aluminum which means it's practically wrap-resistant.

  • Affordable

One of the best things about this griddle is its low price which can fit even to shoestring budgets.

  • Easy to Clean

Besides having a non-stick surface, this model comes with a built-in "channel" feature which is specially designed to catch any extra grease. This way you can quickly dispose of it. Besides that, it's also fully immersible which allows you to put it in water after you remove the heat control probe.


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  • Moderate to Small Size

Unlike many of the griddles on this list, this one is slightly small as it is designed to serve one to two people. However, that means that it is easy to store. So, you see, its compact size is not always a bad thing.

What Is An Electric Griddle?

electric griddle bacon and eggsAn electric griddle is a high-end kitchen appliance that is used to cook food (especially breakfast staples) quickly and efficiently. What’s unique about this device is that it consists of a large, flat cooking surface which is heated by an electric heating element. This surface is made of specific materials which optimize the heat distribution across the plate, cooking your meals as evenly as possible.

Unlike the regular pan, the electric griddle makes cooking a cinch as the flat surface allows you to flip and handle the foods without worrying about spilling them all over and making a mess – even when you are in a hurry. Not only that, but it is also larger than a pan, enabling you to cook more servings at once which can be helpful if you have a large family.

Why Use An Electric Griddle?

electric griddle bacon and toastIt’s true; Many people would argue whether they need an electric griddle when they have their own chef-worthy collection of skillets and pans. However, this appliance is designed to perform tasks that a skillet would never even dream of doing. Case in point: Have you ever tried to cook breakfast for a large family with just one skillet at your disposal? Now you get the point! But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are six more reasons to switch to an electric griddle today.

  • Easy to Use

Contrary to popular belief, making breakfast is not always an easy task. For one, you have to master several utensils, from skillets to pans. Luckily, the electric griddle has a zero learning curve, allowing you to cook breakfast even if you are a kitchen newbie. You just need to put the food on top of the griddle, flip it from time to time and that’s pretty much it.

  • Fast Cooking

Since most electric griddles come with a high-quality heating element that spreads just below the cooking surface, it doesn’t take long for the entire plate to heat up. That means that you can start cooking minutes after you turn on the device. That can be a huge time-saver on busy mornings when you barely have the time to sit down and eat breakfast.

  • Large Batches

Unlike regular pans and skillets, electric griddles come with a large surface on which you can cook multiple foods at the same time. That’s especially helpful if you want to make breakfast for many people at once, saving lots of time and energy.

  • Cleaning Ease

OK sure, cleaning a skillet or a pan doesn’t take much time, especially if you load them in the dishwasher. But, cleaning a griddle is twice as easy. How come? All you have to do is wipe the device’s flat surface with a damp cloth, and you are ready to use it for your next meal. It’s as simple as that!

  • Time Saver

A well-rounded breakfast doesn’t just include an egg-based omelet. It also calls for other nutritious bites which you need to start your day off on the right foot. But let’s be realistic for a second; pulling out multiple pans and skillets doesn’t exactly sound like the most relaxing way to start your day, right?

That’s one of the best things on an electric griddle. This easy-to-use appliance allows you to cook all your breakfast staples on one surface, from bacon and ham to pancakes and French toast. This way you can monitor all of them at once instead of bending over backward to cook an all-around breakfast meal.

  • Healthy Eating

The sad truth is that healthy eating and breakfast don’t always see eye to eye. As we rush to get to work, we often storm out the house only to stop at the nearby Starbucks where a cup of coffee with three-digit calories and a sugar-laden donut are as good as it gets. That doesn’t sound healthy now, does it?

Instead, owning an electric griddle gives you full control over what you eat for breakfast. So, you can easily avoid the midday sugar crashes. Not only that, but these appliances come with a non-stick surface require only small amounts of oil. That means that you don’t have to use heaps of fat every time you cook, a choice that instantly lowers your daily calorie count.

  • Beyond Breakfast

Although electric griddles are a go-to option for cooking breakfast, it doesn’t mean that you should stop there. This all-in-one appliance can also be used to make lunch or dinner, whether you are in the mood for veggies or meat. Plus, it doesn’t require additional oil, so you know you are in for a healthier version of your favorite meals.


What to Check When Shopping For An Electric Griddle

electric griddle breakfastBy now, you know WHY you should invest in a brand new electric griddle. But, do you actually know HOW you are going to get your hard-earned money’s worth? Pro tip: Just look for these four traits that every high-quality griddle should have, and you’re guaranteed to find the best one in the market.

  • Size

Electric griddles are known for being kind of big. But, this doesn’t mean that they come in one size. That said, keep in mind that different models tend to come in various sizes, each of which can accommodate particular needs.

So, if you don’t have enough countertop or cabinet space, then it’s best to opt for one of the smaller sizes. On the other hand, if your kitchen is quite spacious and you want to cook large batches of food anyway, then a bigger griddle would be just the thing.

  • Non-Stick Surface

Even though most up-to-date electric griddles come with a non-stick surface, make sure this trait is at the top of your priority list. A smooth surface like that doesn’t just make cooking and cleaning easier, but it also helps you avoid the uncontrolled use of oils.

  • Temperature Control Features

Cooking bacon is not the same as toasting bread. But, being the multi-tasker that it is, an electric griddle can help you do both merely by allowing you to adjust the plate’s temperature through an easy-to-use thermostat. So, look for a model that has the best temperature adjustment features, and you’ll be able to do almost anything with your griddle.

  • Removable Cooking Plate

One of the first things to look for when shopping for an electric griddle is the cooking surface. In fact, make sure you buy one with a detachable plate. This way you can clean it quickly and also reach some “tough” spots you wouldn’t otherwise.

  • Cord Length

As the name suggests, electric griddles run on electricity. So, in this case, dealing with cords is a given. But, not all of them are created equal as some tend to be shorter than others. To avoid getting tangled in extension cords, make sure you buy a model with a cable long enough to suit your kitchen’s layout.


How to Clean An Electric Griddle in 6 Easy Steps

suasage and baconYou did it! You just cooked a delicious meal on your new electric griddle, and everyone is as happy as a clam. But, now comes the tedious part, a.k.a. cleaning. Luckily, clearing up that food-stained surface is not as difficult and time-consuming as it looks. And for those of you who are still not convinced, this step-by-step guide proves it.

  • Step 1

Unplug the device. Safety always comes first. So, make sure you disconnect the griddle’s power as soon as you are done with cooking.

  • Step 2

Let the plate cool down. Give the griddle some time to cool off to avoid getting burned. Usually, this doesn’t take more than five minutes.

  • Step 3

Remove the drip pan. Latest models come with a built-in drip pan which gathers all excess fats and liquids that are produced during cooking. Carefully remove it and set it aside. If your griddle doesn’t have a drip pan, it will probably have some grooves which do the fat-collecting job instead. So, make sure you remove the grease from them.

  • Step 4

Wipe the surface. Using a paper towel or a piece of absorptive cloth, wipe the griddle’s surface clean. This way you’ll remove all the remaining food chunks as well as excess oil.

  • Step 5

Rinse with warm water. Now that most food residues are out of the way, pour some water on the surface, soak a sponge in warm water, drop a few drops of detergent on it and gently scrub the plate’s surface. Make sure you remove all sticky or burnt foods. Rinse with water and repeat the same step if there are still food remnants on the griddle’s surface.

  • Step 6

Dry out the surface. Once the plate is free of junk, use a dry cloth or some paper towel to dry out the wet surface. Let it dry completely before you use it again.



Final Thoughts

In a griddle-dominated world, everything from pancakes and French toast to sausages and homemade fries is fair game. But, the question is: Are you ready to be the king/queen in this world? If the answer is yes, then these top 5 electric griddles are all you need to get started on this flavorful journey.